Traditional Pie Mash & Liquor, Jellied & Stewed Eels Delivered to Your Home, workplace or other anywhere in the UK
Traditional Pie Mash & Liquor, Jellied & Stewed Eels Delivered to Your Home, workplace or other anywhere in the UK
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What goes into my PieShop Pies?

Sally Jane

The photo shows 5 kilos of best mince with a fat content of 20%. I have always used the classic 80/20 ratio of meat to fat, from the flank and clod areas. I then process the mince using the fat content to flavour the meat which also reduces the calorie count vastly to a healthy weight watchers tally. Some pie makers will insert the raw mince straight into the pie casing, season, add other spices fix the pastry lid and bake. There are commentators who say that this is the “Traditional way”, Traditional way my foot!!!

A very dangerous recipe to one’s health (as my set of photos will show), and even more perilous to the thousands of young children who eat pie'n'mash. Did our Mothers and Grandparents use raw mince be it beef or lamb when making “shepherd's or cottage pie”? Did they hell! they cooked it first. I would also like to add that I have heard and read many instances where the meat is uncooked in the middle of the pie using that method.

I now separate the meat from the fat by running cold water into the cooking vat. You can see the fat, which is still hot and in liquid form in the sink. When the water is running clear from the vat I remove and fill the sink fast with cold water which makes the saturated fat solidify as photos below show.
Saturated fat is found in butter, cheese, red meat and other animal-based foods. Decades of sound science has proven it can raise your “bad” cholesterol and put you at a higher risk for heart disease. BUT there is much debate fore and against saturated fat which I won't go into here. All I know is I work with extracting fat from the mince every day and I find that this is a nasty clogging fat, and I don't want to be responsible for putting this into people's bodies, especially the young, some even babes in arms!
saturated fat
So back to my recipe, I have used the fat to its full extent to flavour the meat. I have also added a hint of spices and lemon juice to further enhance the flavour. I have now used three of the elements of good cooking FAT - HEAT - ACID at this stage I have not added the fourth which is SALT.
Cooked minced beef by Sally Jane of Felixstowe

I now fold the mince into a lightly salted rich beef gravy just enough so that each particle of the mince has a fine coating and leave in fridge overnight where the beef marinate will tenderize and flavour the mince even further when baked in my pastry crusts. 
Sally Jane's finished minced beef ready for pie making
In 2000 Trading Standard Officers arrived unannounced and obtained 2 (two) baked and 2 (two) unbaked pies from the recipe above and weeks later a letter with test results and compliments arrived saying they had never came across a meat pie with such a high meat content.

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  • Brett on

    Great post and thanks for taking the time to write it. I personally prefer the meat to be raw when placed into my pies but I’ll only do that for myself. All the other pies I make for friends/family will be cooked mince and I too use 80/20 fat content.

  • Robert Drew on

    Always tasty, full of flavour.
    Must get another order in soon.

  • Brenda THOMPSON on

    Well done, I fry off my beef gently if 20% and skim off always. Lord only knows who taught these people that raw is ok 🤔

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