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Sally's Pastry Recipes for Pie Mash and Liquor

Sally Mills

All pies are to the original recipe using my unique cold water mixes in all my pastry, making the pies by hand the way it has been done in some London Pie 'n' Mash shops over the last 200 years. I have however updated the ingredients used, adding spring water and ONLY spring water (Highland Spring) in all my pastry mixes.

All my pastry mixes are rested and chilled for 24 hours

I have also maintained salt levels to the mixes as a reduction of salt affects the taste radically. Yes; there are two different types of pastry to the pies, for the pie tops, which I consider a short crust with a hint of puff I blend part Rank Hovis ' As You Like it' flour, with an ADM ' Sovereign' flour; mixed with a top grade part pastry margarine and part 'President' unsalted butter. Although not essential I still add lemon juice to the mixes, this was done years ago to eradicate the taste of unsavoury fats used in the early 1900's. For the pie bottoms, I use an ADM ' Snowflake' flour; mixed with a high quality shortening giving the pie bottoms a pure white pudding (without suet) texture, taste and flavour.
I only use the FINEST ingredients available for the fillings, hence taking Pie Mash‘n’Liquor to a new DELUXE LEVEL and BEYOND!