Traditional Pie Mash & Liquor, Jellied & Stewed Eels Delivered Your Home, workplace or other anywhere in the UK
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Sally Jane's of Felixstowe

Eel Pie


Large portion of mashed potatoes and Traditional Liquor with each pie

The Eel Pie made to the original recipe as sold in various London venues many years ago; In Islington the “Eel Pie House” and, nearby, ”Highbury Sluice” would welcome holidaymakers who would flood there to buy eel dishes. Many would go for picnics on Eel Pie Island in the Thames near Richmond which saw a flourishing trade from the seventeenth century until the mid-twentieth century. Not to mention the 100's of Pie men who would sell  with trays of pies balanced on their heads, would walk the streets crying out their wares. They sold mutton or beef pies, fruit pies with apples or cherries and, a popular favourite, eel pies which were sold with pea-soup or parsley-sauce. They were popular not only because they were tasty, but also because they were cheap. For London’s poor they provided a nutritious, affordable meal.

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