Traditional Pie Mash & Liquor, Jellied & Stewed Eels Delivered to Your Home, workplace or other anywhere in the UK
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Sally Jane's Make'n'Bake on Demand

6 (six) Minced Beef 'n' Onion Pies


All pies are to the original recipe using my unique cold water (spring water and ONLY spring water is used) mixes in all my pastry, making the pies by hand the way it has been done in some London Pie 'n' Mash shops over the last 200 years. I have however updated the ingredients using only the FINEST available, hence taking Pie Mash ‘n’ Liquor to a new DELUXE LEVEL and BEYOND!

Delivered to Mainland UK Only
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Wednesdays - Thursdays - Fridays

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