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Sally Jane's of Felixstowe

Eel Pie


Large portion of mashed potatoes and Traditional Liquor with each pie

The Eel Pie ingredients ( An Allergy Guide)
Chili flakes and pimentos are placed into a dry frying pan and placed on a medium heat, shake the pan moving contents about. First sight of browning remove pan from heat and put to one side on stove.  Once cool  get 3 sheets of kitchen roll, fold to one and wipe and dispose of all ingredients from pan.
Coat pan with film of ghee and fry off the chopped young leeks, banana shallot and finely chopped red and green bell pepper and sauté of without losing the colours, so you must keep with it. Then spoon the hot contents into a large jug holding a special prepared fish liquid, add black pepper, paprika and using fine grater two top to bottom sweeps of fresh nutmeg. Good stir then thicken to a tomato soup consistency with cornstarch. With two bay leaves submerge into jug contents leave to rest for at least 10 minutes.
The Eels
Remove bone from Lough Neagh silver eel ,with the smoked eel cut into angled cuts place in container and squeeze whole lemon making sure all surfaces are covered (By placing a lemon in a microwave you get double the juice and a more pleasing taste than squeezing it cold)
Building The Eel Pie
The pastry base in the pie tin was placed in the fridge an hour ago for resting purposes, with a pastry brush and spring water (I use Highland Spring)  coat heavily then insert the sauce, eels and smoked eel  folding all carefully,  grate all with lemon zest, cover with pastry top. bake in oven for 20 minutes.
Please note: Although the above looks like a recipe it is an allergy guide.

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