Traditional Pie Mash & Liquor, Jellied & Stewed Eels Delivered to Your Home, workplace or other anywhere in the UK
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Sally Jane's of Felixstowe

½ Bowl of Irish Jellied Eels (weighs just over 2kg (4½lbs)


Delivered to Mainland UK OnlyDelivered to Your Home, Workplace or Other on :

Wednesdays - Thursdays - Fridays
½ Bowl of freshly set Jellied Eels
(delivered to you in the Eel Bowl) 

Includes to Vins

A Quickie on Jellied Eels
Jellied eels are of course a cockney classic and, once upon a time, East-Enders couldn't get enough of the delicacy. Now considered an acquired taste, the jellied eel is far less popular in 2016 and many people are squeamish at the very idea of munching away on a piece of eel covered in savoury jelly. They really shouldn't be. Jellied eels can be very tasty and healthy, too. Eels are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12 and vitamin A, plus the jelly is an excellent source of joint and skin-friendly collagen.

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