Traditional Pie Mash & Liquor, Jellied & Stewed Eels Delivered Your Home, workplace or other anywhere in the UK
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Sally Jane's of Felixstowe

Meal Deal Gift Voucher for 2 x Jellied Eels & 2 x Pie Mash and Liquor


The Voucher is good for 2 Containers x 400g (good 8 to 9 cuts) of Irish Eels (Not Farmed) 2 Meals of Pie Mash and Liquor. Choice of Vinegar Chili or Non Brewed. Delivered anywhere in the UK with COURIER POSTAGE PAID. Full 'How To Re-Heat' instructions included. Once You have Purchased the Voucher I will need the details of who it is too etc So I can Print it out, as above sample 'To Mum and Dad Happy Christmas 2016' shows.  I can send it direct in an appropriate gift card or send it to You. We will speak later ~ Sally

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